Friday, December 12, 2014

Bye bye, Jux

Well, Jux, it's been fun, but it's over. I'm sad that the platform didn't make it, and I really enjoyed sharing our stories on Jux, but such is life. So here we are, back on blogger, let's see how it goes.

It seems winter is upon us, in the last few days since I've been home the entire place has been blanketed in soft, fluffy, white snow. It's pretty, and the animals like it, and it's not too cold so I'm not complaining. If winter could be like this the whole time, it'd be totally ok by me.

There's an awful lot to catch up on since I last wrote here, and I'm wondering if I should post my Jux posts here, too, to fill the gap a bit. I'll tackle that question in a bit. For now, let's just get back into the swing of things.

Lately I've been pondering the name of this blog. Life on the farm ain't always laid back. And you know what? I still really feel like it fits. Let's face it, it just ain't :) But we love it, what can I say...

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