Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bye Bye Rocky and Razz

Today was an exciting day, because we said goodbye to our two 2009 foals by Stylish Rey; sorrel colt out of Telesis Young Gun - Stylish Rey Gun (Rocky), and red dun filly out of Bar Doc Bambi - Rey Doc Razz (Razz). It's always sad to say goodbye to horses, but this is after all the name of the breeding game.

I was very proud and pleased with them both, especially when they hopped right up into the stock trailer, even though it was their first time. According to the buyers, they traveled like seasoned show horses - eating calmly for the 2 1/2 hour ride and not even breaking a sweat.

I have no doubt that Rocky and Razz will have a great future in their new home, and I wish Gab and Eric the best of luck with their new reining prospects. Looking forward to seeing what the future brings in their show careers.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Ultimate in Country Living... The Pig Roast

When I think about my life on the farm, there are so many things that come to mind as to what is great about country living. Fresh air, animals, gardening... All things that make me really appreciate where I live. But out of all of the things I love about farm life, there is one thing that really stands out above the rest - our annual Pig Roast.

To be able to have around a hundred of our nearest and dearest, from all walks of life, here on the farm having a blast, is just too wonderful to describe, but I'll try.

This year, despite morbid weather forecasts, we had a spectacular sunny and dry weekend. The piggie was perfect, thanks to my husband's home-made, gas-powered roaster (did I mention he's a gas fitter?), which has had several tweaking sessions over the last few years since it's inception (I think almost all the men in my life have had something to do with improving the roaster...).

The pool was crystal clear, and about 90 degrees. The emphasis here has to be on crystal because I'm ashamed to admit that it started the year as nothing short of a swamp. The last month or so of my life has been virtually dedicated to the revitalisation of the pool - if the words "backwash", "shock", and "rinse" don't mean anything to you, then I can help. Maybe I need to start a pool-care for dummies blog... ok... focus... the pool is now crystal clear, and that's all that matters.

So to sum up - best part of country living = the ability to throw huge bbq parties with great food, great folks, and great fun, without ever having a complaint from the neighbors or the cops, because they're all invited.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Note To Self: Never Underestimate Pony

Our farm is a lovely place to live. Most of our animals agree, and even when a gate mishap leads to some horses getting out, they never wander past the front yard. With one notable exception - Silver, the pony.

Silver's role on the farm has been mostly decorative, until we started to breed and he displayed an unexpected penchant for babysitting. One of his more annoying pony quirks is that he has a severe case of "grass is greener" syndrome. He has actually managed to break out of his paddock (should have called him Houdini?), trot down our ~200m driveway, then down the road only to come up along the fenceline in our neighbors yard to precisely the other side of the fence from where he usually lives.

When I let him and our three yearlings and school horse out the other day to eat some grass, I forgot about this annoying habit. I figured they have plenty of green grass to munch on, why on earth would they want to leave?

Well, next thing I know, I sit down at my computer with lunch, hear the thundering of hooves, and look out the window only to see the entire gang galloping down the driveway. Full speed ahead. Then I'm on the highway in my slippers, stopping traffic, and leading my horses home from the neighbor's.

Lesson learned.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Change - The Only Constant

Here's the thing about change - it's so inconsistent!! It can take years to achieve, or it can happen in an instant. It can become the last possible thing imagined, or an incarnation of years of visualizing. In my case for instance, I had no idea that I would become a cat person, much less that I would end up living with and loving three of them in addition to three large dogs. And yet, today, nothing could seem more natural.

I am learning more and more to embrace change. I'm suddenly reminded of a white water rafting guide giving me this lesson as a kid- if you fall out of the raft, stick your legs out in front of you downstream, and just float. When I did fall out of the raft and resurfaced just in time to panic at the sight of a huge, jagged boulder rushing up to meet me, I managed to put my fear aside and do as I was told (trust?). And sure enough, when I stopped trying to fight what I thought was my impending doom, before I knew it the current swept me safely around the rock.

We never know who we'll become, or what will become of us, but I believe that the only thing that limits human potential is our own self-image, and the fear of changing or re-defining it.

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