Sunday, January 3, 2010

Change - The Only Constant

Here's the thing about change - it's so inconsistent!! It can take years to achieve, or it can happen in an instant. It can become the last possible thing imagined, or an incarnation of years of visualizing. In my case for instance, I had no idea that I would become a cat person, much less that I would end up living with and loving three of them in addition to three large dogs. And yet, today, nothing could seem more natural.

I am learning more and more to embrace change. I'm suddenly reminded of a white water rafting guide giving me this lesson as a kid- if you fall out of the raft, stick your legs out in front of you downstream, and just float. When I did fall out of the raft and resurfaced just in time to panic at the sight of a huge, jagged boulder rushing up to meet me, I managed to put my fear aside and do as I was told (trust?). And sure enough, when I stopped trying to fight what I thought was my impending doom, before I knew it the current swept me safely around the rock.

We never know who we'll become, or what will become of us, but I believe that the only thing that limits human potential is our own self-image, and the fear of changing or re-defining it.

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