Friday, May 21, 2010

Note To Self: Never Underestimate Pony

Our farm is a lovely place to live. Most of our animals agree, and even when a gate mishap leads to some horses getting out, they never wander past the front yard. With one notable exception - Silver, the pony.

Silver's role on the farm has been mostly decorative, until we started to breed and he displayed an unexpected penchant for babysitting. One of his more annoying pony quirks is that he has a severe case of "grass is greener" syndrome. He has actually managed to break out of his paddock (should have called him Houdini?), trot down our ~200m driveway, then down the road only to come up along the fenceline in our neighbors yard to precisely the other side of the fence from where he usually lives.

When I let him and our three yearlings and school horse out the other day to eat some grass, I forgot about this annoying habit. I figured they have plenty of green grass to munch on, why on earth would they want to leave?

Well, next thing I know, I sit down at my computer with lunch, hear the thundering of hooves, and look out the window only to see the entire gang galloping down the driveway. Full speed ahead. Then I'm on the highway in my slippers, stopping traffic, and leading my horses home from the neighbor's.

Lesson learned.

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